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Dav Ren Gao

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

About Dav

Meet Dav Gao, a dedicated Brooklyn native whose lifetime of immersion in the dynamic pulse of the NYC Metropolitan Area has shaped him into the multifaceted professional he is today. With a diverse skillset honed across creative consulting for global brands, to his role as a business & sales consultant at a leading global UX/UI company, Dav has now sets his sights on establishing himself as one of NYC’s foremost real estate agents.

Driven by unwavering core values, Dav places utmost importance on prioritizing people above all else. He recognizes the profound impact of navigating significant life decisions such as buying or selling a home, and is committed to ensuring smooth and comfortable experiences for his clients. With a robust portfolio encompassing the entirety of New York State, Dav has successfully navigated a myriad of transactions spanning from residential co-ops, condos, new developments, multifamily properties, and commercial ventures. Drawing upon his intimate understanding of the real estate market and native insight, Dav is diligent in seeking out optimal solutions to address any challenge a client may encounter.

Outside of his real estate endeavors, Dav is a passionate entrepreneur, actively involved in developing his own ventures. He finds fulfillment in fostering collaborative learning experiences with all whom he encounters, sharing his knowledge, inspiring others, and embracing the continuous journey of growth and learning. Whether providing professional guidance or forging lifelong connections, Dav’s genuine warmth makes him a standout presence in the real estate market.